Why unnatural energy drinks are dangerous

Red ill is bad

Today we are going to be talking to you about why on natural energy drinks are very bad to drink.  These drinks can cause a lot of side effects that you do not want to have. Some of these companies make drinks that have as much as 150 g of sugar in them. That is way over the amount that you should be putting into your body. You should only have about a third of that per day. And the worst part about it is that  The type of sugar they are using is high fructose corn syrup in which is going to be very unhealthy. Your body cannot process that type of sugar. The types of sugar that natural energy  things have is honey and cane sugar. Those are the types of sugars that are very healthy to your body and that it needs on a daily basis.

If you drink too many of these drinks you can get a side effect that is called a heart murmur. This is when your heart skips a beat every now and then. This is not something you want to have because you have to skip out on a lot of  physical activity to make sure that you don’t going to heart failure and die. You have to walk around with a heart monitor that is monitoring your heartbeat all day long so that they know your heart is not going to fail. That is if you only drink one of these drinks every day. If you drink to a day it will only get worse. Your heart failure  risk will increase to 85%. So that means if you have a few history of heart failure and your family then you are probably going to have a heart attack and die by the age of 35 years old. Nobody wants that to happen because you want to live a long and prosperous life. But if you are in introducing drinks like this to your body, you are not going to live a life that you want.

A lot of people these days are addicted to these drinks because they put addictive ingredients inside of them. They want you to be hooked on their drinks every day so that they can get a lot of money out of you. These energy drinks are almost as bad as cigarettes with how addicting they are. The energy blinds and them are extremely unhealthy to your body and will cause you to not live a long life.

The Crazy part about it is that these companies don’t even care what side effects that their drinks are going to have on people. That is very concerning to us and that is why we only recommend that you drink sources of energy that are 100% all natural because those are the only ones that will be healthy to you and your body.

Those are just a few of the nasty side effects that can come from drinking energy drinks that come from companies like Redbull, monster, nauseous, and rockstar. We could go on all day about the side effects you could get from having these on a daily basis. If you are going to drink these please make sure to only do it every once in a while with moderation. Like everything if you do anything in moderation, the chances are that nothing is going to happen to you. But  if you can you should stay away from them all in general.