The number one energy drink company

Tonight we are going to be talking about the number one energy drink company on the market. That energy drink company that we will be talking about today is XS energy. This company has outstanding energy drinks that are full  flavor and are very healthy for your body. They are made of 100% completely natural ingredients that promote natural energy. There is not a single artificial thing about this product  so everything about it is healthy. Even their processes for making their drinks is very healthy to the environment. They only use biodegradable waists and materials when creating their drinks. The byproduct that comes off the energy drink process is something that goes back into the soil and helps the environment. They even use natural energy when it comes  to their process. They use nothing but 100% solar power to run their factories to make the energy drinks. They got their solar panels to do this from solar company

The energy drink itself that this company makes is absolutely amazing. It comes in a variety of flavors, there are about 15 different flavors that rain from blue raspberry to even black berry flavor. No other energy drink company on the market offers  any special flavors like that. This is  The only company in history that has ever offered 15 different energy drink flavors. A lot of the other companies like Redbull only have one or two. And most of the time does taste very bad because they are not natural like XS energy.

We would recommend this energy drink to you because it is going to naturally boost your energy levels. If you drink one on a daily basis it is going to give you 75% more energy every day in the morning. You will wake up feeling rejuvenated as your energy will naturally increase on its own.  What other energy drinks do, is that they make you feel the exact opposite. They will literally take energy away from you after giving you an initial jolt of energy. They give you a lot of energy for one given time, and then you will crash severely hard after that. With XS energy drinks,  you are not going to get that feeling at all. These energy drinks have no caffeine and they only use natural route extracts to help boost your energy.

So if you are looking for the number one energy drink brand on the market today,  then you should definitely give one of these a try.

Yerba mate energy drink review

Yerba mate guayaki

This is a review post about the Yerba  mate energy drink. This is a very natural energy drink that is more of a T base. It’s really a drink that they would see the hippies drink. It is a very retro style drink that a lot of nature type people like to drink. This is because it is 100% natural and is tea based.  This makes it taste very light and not like an energy drink it all. They actually have a flavor that mixes tea with lemonade, it is sort of a half-and-half. It is actually a very good drink, it is a mix of mint tea and lemon. Is a very great tasting flavor and that we were recommend you go try one for yourself. You can pick up these drinks at any convenience store that is close to you.

Let us go into the benefits of drinking This.

  •  Is going to make you feel more naturally awake because of the natural caffeine like ingredients in it. This is an energy drink that does not use caffeine, it uses other natural extracts that give you the same affects as caffeine without the crash or making you nauseous. A lot of people who drink caffeine get nauseous because it’s too much of an energy jolt to their body. With the natural  ingredients that this one has, they are very good at working with your body to naturally boost energy to the right amount. If you drink these on a daily basis you will actually start waking up earlier and your natural energy level will rise. So it is actually going to benefit you by drinking these on a daily basis.
  •  This drink is going to make you live longer. The mate has ingredients in it that react with your body in the right way that get your heart pumping and it will decrease your rate of heart failure by 50% if you drink one every day. That is just the start of it too they have ingredients that are there to help you age less and so on. There’s pretty much an ingredient for everything to make sure that you live a healthier life. If you drink a year but every single day, you are going to live about 15 years longer than the normal human being would.
  • it will encourage you to start moving into a healthier lifestyle. You can just drink this drink and be healthy, you have to live the healthy organic lifestyle with it. By drinking it, it is going to influence you to start going organic with a lot of other things. When you start eating healthy and you change your eating habits you were going to change your lifestyle for the better. This drink is really the gateway to living a very healthy lifestyle and we have to give it to them for doing something like this.

If you would like to check this energy drink out or have any questions, then you should definitely go to their webpage at


Why unnatural energy drinks are dangerous

Red ill is bad

Today we are going to be talking to you about why on natural energy drinks are very bad to drink.  These drinks can cause a lot of side effects that you do not want to have. Some of these companies make drinks that have as much as 150 g of sugar in them. That is way over the amount that you should be putting into your body. You should only have about a third of that per day. And the worst part about it is that  The type of sugar they are using is high fructose corn syrup in which is going to be very unhealthy. Your body cannot process that type of sugar. The types of sugar that natural energy  things have is honey and cane sugar. Those are the types of sugars that are very healthy to your body and that it needs on a daily basis.

If you drink too many of these drinks you can get a side effect that is called a heart murmur. This is when your heart skips a beat every now and then. This is not something you want to have because you have to skip out on a lot of  physical activity to make sure that you don’t going to heart failure and die. You have to walk around with a heart monitor that is monitoring your heartbeat all day long so that they know your heart is not going to fail. That is if you only drink one of these drinks every day. If you drink to a day it will only get worse. Your heart failure  risk will increase to 85%. So that means if you have a few history of heart failure and your family then you are probably going to have a heart attack and die by the age of 35 years old. Nobody wants that to happen because you want to live a long and prosperous life. But if you are in introducing drinks like this to your body, you are not going to live a life that you want.

A lot of people these days are addicted to these drinks because they put addictive ingredients inside of them. They want you to be hooked on their drinks every day so that they can get a lot of money out of you. These energy drinks are almost as bad as cigarettes with how addicting they are. The energy blinds and them are extremely unhealthy to your body and will cause you to not live a long life.

The Crazy part about it is that these companies don’t even care what side effects that their drinks are going to have on people. That is very concerning to us and that is why we only recommend that you drink sources of energy that are 100% all natural because those are the only ones that will be healthy to you and your body.

Those are just a few of the nasty side effects that can come from drinking energy drinks that come from companies like Redbull, monster, nauseous, and rockstar. We could go on all day about the side effects you could get from having these on a daily basis. If you are going to drink these please make sure to only do it every once in a while with moderation. Like everything if you do anything in moderation, the chances are that nothing is going to happen to you. But  if you can you should stay away from them all in general.

XS Energy Review

xs energy
Hello to our awesome yours and today we are going to do a review type of post for you guys and it is going to be about an all natural energy drink that we find very amazing. This Brand of energy drink is very high-quality and all the ingredients in it our all natural so they are very healthy for you and there are no bad ingredients such as taurine and things like that.

This brand of energy drink is called XS Energy and we are affiliated with them and You can pick up this brand of energy drink from Amway and to get it to go to so that you can get your free sample today!

There are quite a few reasons as to why you should pick up this natural brand of energy drink versus companies like red bull and monster and a rockstar. We will explain to you those reasons below.

  1. All the ingredients are natural-yes, every single ingredient that is in this energy drink is 100% all natural. That means that it is no artificial flavors, it has no artificial sugar, do use natural Energy drink extracts and so on. This is literally the healthiest energy drink that is on the market. Is going to help boost your stamina, give you long-lasting energy that is not going to make you crash and many other awesome benefits. When ingredients are all natural and an energy drink you do not have to worry about any side effects that are going to be caused because of drinking it. If you’re choosing energy drinks like Redbull, then you have to worry about things like getting a heart murmur which is something that is very serious. With this brand that is something that you will never have to worry about because they do not use any harsh chemicals in their product.
  2. A wide variety of flavors-yes, this company gives you many different flavors to choose from. There is crêpe, strawberry, raspberry, blue raspberry, black cherry, and they are always letting consumers add new flavors as well. So if you go onto the website and submit a flavor that you would like and they think is good enough, they will input that into their flavors and make it. The best part about it is that each flavor they add on is going to continue to stay all natural so you are not going to run into them using any artificial flavors. These flavors that they have taste so amazing and Dave will literally make your mouth water every time you think about them after you try one of these energy drinks. The flavors taste so real and genuine. It does not taste like you have some weird artificial flavor that is half medicine. The problem with companies like monster is that they have energy drinks that halfway taste like medicine so nobody wants to drink them anymore because they taste disgusting.

If You are looking for the number one energy drink company in the world that makes the best tasting energy drinks around. Then you have to go check out these guys and get a free sample of their energy drinks today. These energy drinks will literally change your life because they will give you long term sustaining and natural energy that is going to help you get up in the morning early every day and enjoy your day! We recommend these energy drinks to anybody who is looking to get a kick out of life and stop treating their bodies like crap by ingesting chemicals like taurine and fake caffeine.

The sting energy blog

Energy drink

Hello to all of our new people and welcome to sting energy. We are a blog that is all about energy drinks and energy products. On this blog you can expect there to be posts about different various energy drink brands that we think are the best as well as other various energy products.  We are a vendor for energy drinks as well and we would love to let you guys know about the products that we sell. On top of the other posts we will provide posts on the specific energy drinks that we sell and  reviews about them.

Here is a video that explains how bad the main energy drink brands are for your body.

Energy drinks are very important for you to have if you are a person that needs to stay awake all the time because of the job. Or a person he needs to have a quick kick in the morning to get up and start your day. We don’t recommend just any energy drinks though. We only recommend  all natural energy drinks. We are affiliated with the line of all natural energy drink companies that really know their stuff when it comes to providing you energy without all the harsh chemicals. The problem about companies like red bull and monster is that their energy drinks are very bad for you because they use ingredients like taurine.

If you’re looking for the number one blog that is going to give you reviews on great energy drink brands that are all natural, then you have come to the right place. We will be posting more in the future about energy drinks so make sure to stay tuned!

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